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Wattle Tree Care -Policies and procedures 

1.1 Recruitment, Induction & Employment

1.2  Participant Intake

1.3 Ethical Conduct

1.4 Provider Record Requirements

1.5 Code of Conduct

1.6 Policy Development

1.7 WHS

1.7A WHS Attachment

1.7B WHS Attachment

1.7C WHS Attachment

1.8 Complaints & Grievance

1.8A Feedback & Complaints Form

1.9 Child Protection

1.10 Nutrition

1.11 Medication Management

1.11A Medication Management attachment

1.12 Reportable Incidents

1.12A Reportable Incidents attachment

1.13 Alcohol, Tobacco and other drugs

1.14 Separation from Employment

1.15 Environmental Responsibilities

1.16 Withdrawal of service

2.1 NDIS Worker screening check

2.2 Duty of Care and Dignity of Risk Policy

2.3 Harassment, Discrimination and workplace bullying

2.4 Vehichle use policy

2.5 Incident, Injury & Hazard Reporting

2.5A Incident, Injury & Hazard Reporting attachment

2.5B Incident, Injury & Hazard Reporting attachment

2.5C Incident, Injury & Hazard Reporting attachment

2.5D Incident, Injury & Hazard Reporting attachment

2.6 Road Safety Policy

2.7 Allergy Managment

2.8 Management of Medical Conditions

2.9 Supporting Personal Care and Hygiene

2.10 Emergency Management and Evacuation

2.11 Excursions and Public Transport

2.12 Working with Participants Pets

2.13 Managing Challenging Behaviours

2.13A Record of Restrictive Practice

2.13B Consent Form - Regulated Restrictive Practice

2.14 Infectious Diseases and Vaccination Policy

2.15 Workers Compensation Insurance

3.1 Child Safety

3.2 Participation and Inclusion Policy

3.3 Professional Development Policy

3.4 Social Media and Technology Policy

3.5 Positive Behaviour Support Policy

3.6 Decision Making and Consent Policy

3.7 Privacy and Confidentiality Policy

3.8 Record Handling and Management Policy

3.9 Home Support and Visiting Policy

3.10 Provision of Training Policy

3.11 Equal Opportunity and Discrimination Policy

3.12 Staff Supervision and Performance Appraisal

3.13 Worker Misconduct and Discipline Policy

3.14 Volunteers - Recruitment and Management

3.15 Support Worker Supervision and Annual Assessment

3.16 Waste Management

3.17 EC Planning, Reflection and Child Interactions

3.18 Delegation of Authority

3.19 Risk Management

3.19A Risk Management Procedure

3.20 Instrument of Delegation

3.21 Covid Response Plan

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