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Child Care Services Taree & Districts The ‘Big School’ adventure!

In many households across the country there are busy parents and excited but nervous children preparing to take on their next big adventure: ‘Big School’

Experts say that along with the birth of a sibling, moving house, separating / divorcing family or the death of a family member, starting school is one of the major events in a child’s life.

Transitioning to School will be a very different experience for every individual child and every family and this will be impacted by many different things, only some of which are within our control.

There are many positive and practical ways we can help tip the scales in our favour!

1) Transition to school visits: Where possible transition to school visits before your child starts school can be a valuable resource, however due to the Covid restrictions, this may not have happened and that is ok! You can still offer this for your child, by driving past the school and making sure that your child knows what it looks like. The school may also have a website and you could show your child pictures of inside the school to help them feel prepared.

2) Encourage your child to help you when purchasing school uniforms, bags, lunchboxes and shoes and make sure they are all labelled clearly with your child’s name and that they can recognize what belongs to them. It can also be a great idea to have some ‘dress up’ trials to give your child an opportunity to become comfortable in the new clothes, shoes and to use their lunch box and drink bottle to ensure they can do it themselves.

3) Make sure your child gets a good night’s sleep the night before school. A tired child will find it more difficult to cope with all of the emotion and excitement they may experience on the first day of school.

4) Take opportunities to talk about starting school with your child but not constantly. Make it part of everyday casual conversations, there are also some great children’s story books you can read together.

5) Stay calm!! I know this one is sometimes easier said than done, but be the calm and confidence that your child needs you to be!

You’ve got this!!

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