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Family Day Care Policy Review

The policies for Taree Great Lakes Gloucester Five Star Family Day Care are currently under review.

Part of this process is to gain feedback and suggestions from all stakeholders within our service. This includes Families, educators , staff and community members.

Your input is greatly appreciated and will be considered when the policies are being updated.


Please note: Any and all changes to the current policies will be done so in keeping with the 'Education and Care Services National Regulations and Law 2011', 'The Education and Care Services National Quality Standards'

As policies are updated, there will be some changes to their format and the configuration of some areas  ie Some may be condensed from   2-3 policies into 1, while others may be expanded into separate policies.

Below are the policies currently under review.

You can view the current policy and provide feedback by clicking on each policy.

Once updated by staff and ratified by the Management Committee of Child Care Services Taree & Districts Inc, the new policies will be available on this website.

Thank you

Review date 
Oct / Nov 2022

2.16 Sleeping and Rest

Review date Oct/ Nov 2022

2.1 Assessment approval and reassessment of residence
2.3 Educator Registration

Review date Oct / Nov 2022

2.6 Keeping a register of educators

Review date Oct/Nov 2022

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